Here Comes Today

Here comes today.
Come with me, all holy Angels,
As I set foot on a new day.
I take to the pilgrim’s road,

Looking to heaven,
I find God with me,
And I adore.
With kisses of thanksgiving,
With the beating of my heart,
With every breath I draw,
I am all prayer.

Life proclaims the Living God.
My life, a humble echo,
Of the Voice of God,
Resounding in thanksgiving
Sings praise to the Holy I Am,

A kiss for the Holy Trinity,
Who fashioned my humanity
In flesh and blood and bone.
A kiss, too, for my human soul,
That enlivens this lowly form.

A kiss, O Holy Spirit,
For the Indwelling,
That gifted my soul with Your Life,
That I way walk with You
All the Way to Heaven.
My footprints testify to my presence
With steps planted on earth
While my being witnesses the praise I sing
As I stand on heavenly turf.

Here is today,
Another day to bear fruit
Fit for a holy Eternity,
In the Name of the Father,
With the Breathe of the Spirit
In the Heart of the Son.

Copyright 2015 Joann Nelander