Your Saints in Glory

At the momentYou lift Your saintly friends

From the Earth,

And plant them

In the Heaven of Your Being,

At that precious moment,

And by that fateful act,

You endow

The sons and daughters

Of Your Covenant,

Remaining in this world,

With more,

Not less.
When Your friends

Journey forth,

All the Earth

Is, henceforth, blessed,

And not, otherwise,

Disposed or deprived.
As Your Servants,

Enter Your Realms of Light,

Their charisms become infinite,

In their capacity to bless.
When the smallest of the small

Cries out,

In the name of Your forever Friends,

These other Christs

Answer with Your power to succor.
In the Now of Your Essence,

They share Your Glory.

In Heaven,

There is only one glory,

Which cannot increase.

United to You,

Who, are unchanging,

This new rain falls to

the Earth,

And it’s consenting

creatures, here,

Can and do change,

In the shower

Of Your abundant dew fall.
We are, henceforth,

The beneficiaries of new riches,

Streaming from Your Side,

The Door, by which Your saints

Entered Eternity.
Glory upon glory falls,

As golden droplets,

Upon the land

Of sunrise and sunset.
Your gifts do not cease

With the death

Of those who are Yours.

Heaven is united to earth,

And in the celebration

Of their new birth,

©2012 Joann Nelander