“All In The Family” by Dick Roberts

Subject: “All In The Family”

All in fhe family indeed. Crooks beget crooks — on and on. Reminds me of D’Sousa’s expose – Stealing America. In 2001 Chesea’s father –in-law was conveicted of 31 charges of felony fraud and served five years in federal prison. The fruit did not fall far from the tree. Reminds me of D’Sousa’s book – “Stealing America”. Read it if you have not already. These people are corrupt beyond belief.

Maybe It’s Time to Stop ‘Thinking about Tomorrow’

How far reaching is the FBI investigation? As former Attorney General Mukasey notes, it has gone beyond the email controversy according to some accounts and into the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Among other things, it concerns the including foreigners and foreign governments into the Clinton Foundation, a foundation Charles Ortel has demonstrated is a major “charity fraud