Now for Eternity

All days have led to this day.

Yesterdays march up to the edge in Time,

But cannot enter upon my Now.

As precursors, they stand,

Peering onto this Today,

Blind as bats.

Their edges approach,

But halt at the Present.

Here, I reign with my will.

If all my mistakes

Shout for change,

Am I now the fool
Who fails to learn?

With the sun,

I am begun.

Eternity beckons me,

Where Time cannot go,

Invites, “Come.”

He, Who sails on Eternity’s Wing,

Would be my Mender,

Not in a breaking of the Past,

But a knitting of it,

A seamless clothe,

As His very own.

The morrow begins as a Way I choose;

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Are gift to my being,

And beginning in this Now,

I am His.