PRAYER TO GOD THE FATHER for the Whole Church by St. Gertrude the Grea t

O MOST loving Father, in union with that love wherewith Thy Son offered Himself once upon the Cross, and now offers Himself to Thee upon the Altar, I offer Him to Thee for the welfare and salvation of all Thy whole Church. Look upon His virgin Flesh, so cruelly torn by the scourges, bruised with blows and buffetings, defiled with spittings, besmeared with Blood, pierced with sharp thorns, swollen and livid with stripes, torn by the nails, rent with the lance. May that pity which drew Him down from Heaven and sweetly constrained Him to immolate Himself on the Cross, and constrains Him now to offer Himself daily to Thee upon the Altar; may that same pity move Thee now, O Father, to have mercy on us. Amen. 

To Greater Heights

Lift me to Your shoulder;
Carry me, henceforth.
From my throne above the world,
I can see all things in a new way.

Your Shepherd’s crook in view,
A sign of assurance,
Calming the sea, defeating the flesh,
Vanquishing the Foe.

Perched in Paradise,
I ride above the storm.
Battles won by stillness,
Flames quenched
By Water from the Rock.

I behold You,
Carrying the one You love,
Bearing Your burden,
Loving Your labor,
Loving me.

I see the wound of Your Cross.
I see Blood,and Bone,
And I see me,
Carved in Your bruised
And beaten flesh,

Lifted to Your shoulder,
You carry me,
Onward and upward,
Unto greater heights,
Cross and throne,
One in God alone.

© 2012 Joann Nelander