Note from Israeli Naomi Regan re Steve Bannon

From Richard Roberts:
Naomi is an old acquaintance and quite the accomplished writer/author . Lives in Jerusalem. This is a tad long for some in the TO line but it quite good and includes a letter written by a Rabbi to the ADL defending Bannon. Dick

“long overdue” is right!

This is very important step and the MB’s front organizations are in the bill too – let’s hope that continues…. surely the LEFT will go berserk over this ..

Trump gets tough, looks to ban Muslim Brotherhood
President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization. 😡

Trump foreign-policy adviser Walid Pheres told Egyptian news outlet Youm7 that the legislation, introduced a year ago by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was held up due to the Obama administration’s support of the group. But Trump plans to back the bill.

Cruz’s bill, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015-16, identifies the Brotherhood and three of its offshoots, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Islamic Society of North America, as a terrorist organization. 😡

The Brotherhood is already banned as a subversive organization 😡 in Russia and at least five Arab countries, including Syria, Saudi Arabia and its home base of Egypt. And the Brotherhood’s self-avowed “Palestine” branch – Hamas – was added to the U.S. State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations in 1997.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who introduced similar legislation during her last term in office, said such action is long overdue. It has been clear since the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial in 2007-08 that the Brotherhood is working through front groups toward an agenda of Islamic supremacy, which the Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad.”

First, it is imperative to know the enemy,” Bachmann told WND. “The fundamental purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood is to supplant all societal structures, even in non-Islamic countries like the United States, with Islamic Shariah law.” 😲

The FBI raided a Muslim Brotherhood safe house in 2004 and discovered key documents that laid out the strategic plan for subjugating America under Shariah.

The document sets out a plan to establish “settlements” for Islam in the United States and “present Islam as a civilization alternative,” which “supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”

Yet the Brotherhood and its various offshoots, such as CAIR and ISNA – are not only able to operate legally in America but have been offered seats at the highest echelons of power, in the White House, in the halls of Congress, in the military and in the departments of Justice and Homeland Security.😡

“Across the U.S. are Muslim Brotherhood front groups which need to be exposed and dismantled,” Bachmann said. “The Muslim brotherhood’s goals include the overthrow of our constitutional republic.

“In President Trump, we have someone willing to recognize America’s enemies and defeat them. This is welcome and long overdue.”

Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.

Dr. Mark Christian, a former imam who grew up in Cairo, Egypt, the son of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood operative, agrees that taking down the Brotherhood is not enough. Trump will need to go after all of its front groups, like CAIR, ISNA, NAIT and the Muslim Student Association.

When the leader of the free world embraces a terrorist organization, it alienates peaceful, reformist Muslims not only in America but across the world, Christian said.

That’s why President el-Sisi of Egypt 👏 was the first foreign leader to call and congratulate Trump on his victory.

But Christian is hopeful that Trump, because he thrives on challenging political correctness, can be the one to free the Muslims who are more interested in assimilating than dominating.

Christian believes the truly progressive Muslims are afraid to speak out in the current environment where the Islamic message in America is 100 percent controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.


O Man,awake!
On Earth, you are held accountable,
Are you not?

You sing for your supper.
You dance to life’s tune.
Only the air is free.
All else is taxed.
The first fruit is owed another.

You fear to run from the law.
You are held to a measure.!
If it be such for a man of earth,
Mortal, yet accountable,
Where will a soul, immortal,
Flee upon a coming demise?

Without the stuff of Earth,
Naked and stripped of pomp and circumstance,
Revealed as soul and spirit,
Answering not to man,
But to God,
Are we not all the more accountable?

Copyright 2015 Joann Nelander