My faith is weighed down,
Because I know myself,
And my inconstancies.

But Lord,
I know You,
And Your eternal and intimate constancy,
And so I lean on You.
Pick me up, press me to Your cheek,
Plant a kiss on my forehead.

Before You set me down,
To my place in this day,
Write me on Your Heart,
For I will You to sign me
Upon That most gracious Heart,
And seal me with Your Fidelity.

For Faith shall not fail me,
But deliver me,
Like the weak and wanting babe, I am,
Into Your ever-loving grasp.

© 2017 Joann Nelander

A Home for My God

David, Thy Servant, desired to build You a house.
I, too, desire to build You a holy dwelling.
I desire to build it here,
In this space in which I live.

Here on this ground of my being,
More than brick and mortar,
More than outward beauty,
I raise its rafters of prayer.

I desire this house to be a home,
Where angels and saints are welcome,
And drawn by the Heart of this dwelling,
For the home I will build is totally Yours.

With Davis, Your servant, I desire.
I desire to please  and serve my God.
Make of me a home, an abode,
In which we may sup,
Now, and eternally.

© 2016 Joann Nelander