Well of Sorrows

by Joann Nelander

Come, My Beloved.

Come near.

Come ever nearer.

Stand by this,

My Well of Sorrows,

Waiting to draw Water,

As Life for my soul.

I offer You my pain.

I pledge every affliction.

That nothing my be lost of this my Day.

You are Life.

You are the Water.

You are the Cup I press to my lips.

Hope of my heart,

Cause of my joy.

Turn my tears into rejoicing.

As I have chosen the better part.

You are the lightness of my burdens,

The joy that fills my soul.

Come, My Beloved.

I lie at Your feet,

Pray draw Your cloak about me.

Clothed in Your Love,

Robed in the splendor of Your blazing Heart,

I rejoice in Your refreshing streams.

Blood and Water,

Mingled with the tears of my repentance,

Water my heart and soul

With Your Eternal Love.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Come ever nearer,

Here, now, My Love.


The Robe

Lord of the centuries,
Knit, of our pain, the knots,
That mysteriously arrange themselves
Across our days.

Guide, by unseen fingers,
Each little pearl,
To form a cloth
Alive with Your Golden threads,
Infinitely more than happenstance or tragedy.

Each strand of Time a mystery,
Bathed in trial and tears,
Yet rich in Awe,
Resplendent in Beauty,
And the gracious beneficence
Of sacrificial love.

Whole cloth,
Woven into a seamless robe,
You don in majesty,
Humble and meek in triumph o’er our graves,
As Life welcomes to the Banquet,
Our souls, now clad in bodies,
One with Your Own.

© 2015 Joann Nelander