Third Secret of Fatima and Corruption in the Catholic Church w Dr Taylor…

Prayer for Conversion of the Jews

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Virgin Mary converts Harvard Professor Pt 2 (Jewish Convert to Catholic)

Weaned Child

I am the weaned child,
Upon Your knee.
Forgetful of time,
I curl Your hair about my fingers,
And tug at Your heartstrings.

My toys, the shiny objects of yesterday,
Lie by the stairs,
By which I began my ascent to You.

Comfort me.
Cuddle me.
Tickle me.

You spend Your universe,
As You had always planned,
Delighting one so small,
The least of the Children of Man.

© 2012 Joann Nelander

Third Secret of Fatima: Who is the Bishop in White? (Fatima 3)

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