A Prayer for the Church in our Time and a word for China

From todat’s Office of Readings :

”Rise up, Lord, in defense of your people; do not hide your face from our troubles. Father of orphans, wealth of the poor, we rejoice in making you known; may we find comfort and security in times of pain and anxiety.”

O PEOPLE OF MY HEART, HIDDEN PEOPLE OF MY HEART, your travail is before my eyes and I see You weltering in your life’s blood. I hear the cry  of the poor. Look to Me in your suffering. You have a Mother who prays for you. I can refuse her nothing. Go to her in your heart and there show her your pain and suffering She will show you how best to offer all to console her Son, for He died for You, and has a special place in His Body for you. 

Set your hearts on consoling His Sacred Heart weeping in the Garden of Agony.