The Invitaton 

God is all in all.  Beyond all, He enters being. The unknowable allows Himself to be known.  

He is invitation and celebration. God is graciously given, seemingly a part of me, given with my Baptism, but always far beyond my comprehension. Though He continually sustains, draws, and enables me for life here, He plans for my hereafter. He inclines His great Heart towards me, willing that I be His in my heart of hearts. 

He has plans for me, plans to free me from woe for my freedom, plans for my joy. He waits upon me and my consent. O,  how He spends Himself on me. He has forever in steady supply, all the while fully invested in my now. He’s teaching me, fashioning the clay of me to take on immortality. 

Eventually, I will know Him as He is. My limits will expand into Jesus’ expanse of existence, able to exist beyond this earth, and enter His realm beyond all realms that be, or ever shall be, Incredulously, He longs for me. His is the High Heaven, beyond the stars and heavenly lights. I do choose to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood.

I choose to learn of Him Who, while ever meek and lowly, walks among the stars and rules the Day. I choose to dwell with Him, and know Him, as He is, He Who needs no one and nothing, He Who chooses to love me as no other, in my uniqueness in His image. 

He, it is, Who created my eternal soul, and desires that I graciously choose to know Him. It is He Who enables me to see Him, to know Him, and He it is Who fits me for His embrace.

I long to see Him as He is, to be free from the world’s illusions and its devilish delusions, to know Him, and to live for Him, and with Him, in the eternal mystery of His great glory. He is my delight. Of Him and His Heaven, I sing. I contemplate the treasure of His Being through the Long Night.

Secure,  in that Sacred Heart, I live in hope, believing in His call on my life, His personal claim on me, choosing me to be His own. His desire for my love blows me away. Jesus’ longing to call my heart His own is unfathomable, mysterious beyond telling and unbelievable without His assurance.

I thank Jesus for Existence and my existence. He is immanent indwelling, not only among Men, but in me. I am free to choose. I am eternal by His making and His by my choosing. I choose an eternity that exists in Him.Those who do not choose to learn of Him, freely choose the void of desolation.

God is near. Choose life in Him that you may have an Eternal Day springing, ever new, in Jesus Christ, the Lord. 

Copyright 2019 Joann Nelander