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Joann Nelander

Under the Fig Tree


“I Saw You Under the Fig Tree.”

All our yesterdays are forgotten
With the rush of Tomorrow.
All the words fade away.
Images are fleeting.
All praise passes into oblivion.
The compliments lost,
As unrecorded history.

All things are sand
Falling through the fingers of the Future.
None endure the winds of Time.

So, what of me?
What is the why of me?
Why do You long for me?
I feel your desire pleading
In all about me.

“I saw you under the fig tree.”
What did you see of me, O Lord?
Did you see my yearning?
Were You witness to my sin?
Did you hear the prayer I whispered,
The call of my heart.

Did you see resolve written on my face?
Did you see the love
Swelling my heart?
What did you see of me, Oh Lord,
Under the fig tree?

Because You saw me
Under the fig tree,
My heart opens to see You.
You reveal a world and love
Beyond all that is matter,
Beyond all that once mattered,
Surpassing all that is,
A world of God ,
A world of God in all,
And for all,
Dying to live in all.

I didn’t see You,
Until now,
This precious Now,
Surviving my mortality,
With the reason of my being,
With the holy vision of Thou.

© 2016 Joann Nelander

All My Hope

All My Hope

All my hope is in You.
All my hope is in Your great Love.
All my hope is in Your great Mercy.

Seeing but darkly,
You are my Light.
Clouds conceal Your brilliance,
But Faith lifts the veil,
And I behold You.
Hidden in my very being.

Despite my smallness,
You dignify my every breath and heart beat,
Giving me Your holy inspiration,
Hiding me in Your Heart,
Cleansing me by Your Blood.

How could I but hope?
You spend Yourself on me.
You are my treasure,
Mercy purer than gold,
Love greater than diamonds,
And I know, without doubt,
You treasure me.

© 2016 Joann Nelander