I Will Love You Always

I Will Love You Always

Thank you for being part of my sanctification
Thank you for being part of my purification
Thank you for being part of the life i cherish.
.You are a part of me
And, I, in turn, cherish you.

Let us entrust ours hearts
To the One who created them,
To the One who alone loves perfectly.

In life, there is distance,
And so, always, the chance of separation.
Only, in God, is there true unity.
All He created waits to be made whole.

Draw near to me in His pure love.
Rest with me on His Heart.
He Who is Love.
Rejoices to make all things well.
To make all things whole
To make all that is holy.

In Him, we can, at long last, promise,
I will love you always.

© 2018 Joann Nelander