Miraculous Medal -Dr. Mark Miravalle

Food For the Poor

Lord, make my ears
Hungry for Your Word.
Give me a living relationship
With Your Father,
Who Fed You
In solitude.

May every Word He Speaks
Resound in my spirit.
May it nourish me,
Sustaining me,
As all, worshiping the world,
Suffer famine,
For want of Faith.

With Bread comes
Health and vigor,
Power to feed others
With the Food You give me
Daily at Your Table.

I listen for Your call
I listen for Your footsteps.
I hear You,
In the breaking
Of Your Word.
Bread for the hungry world.

©2012 Joann Nelander



A Votive Heart

A Votive Heart

Sweet Savior, I give to Thee my heart.
Make it as Thine own,
That it may love those in the world,
And those, having past from its bounds,
Not ready to see the Father’s glory.

With my every breath,
I wait on Thee,
Pleading the perfection of my cherished loves.
Pray, lift the veils persisting to obscureThy Beauty.

Let me be a living prayer,
A votive candle,
Burning on the altar of Thy Cross,
Whose smoke rises as incense
With Thy Resurrection from the dead.
I am a captive to Thy call upon my heart.

I draw each breath,
For those You  give me in this life,
By blood, as friend, foe, neighbor, passing stranger,
And those still alien to Thy love,
All, whom the Father desires
For life in You and in Thy glory.

© 2017 Joann Nelander


I am because You are.
I will always be,
Because you create me for eternity.
Who can grasp the eternal soul?
Who but Man is spirit celestial,
Yet of this earth terrestrial?
What does it matter that I am matter,
Made for this world and Time,
Yet envisioning a paradise more sublime?
Where will I spend my forever?
Is it for nought,
That I seek to do as I ought?
You whisper at sunset,
In the glory of the evening sky,
Telling of Mystery hidden from the eye.
You dream of me, eternally.
You fire my spirit and my stuff.
Knowing earth is not enough.

When earth can no longer
Hold my soul,
Sign me in Your celestial scroll.
Write my name in Yours,
Jesus, protector from death infernal,
Jesus, keeper of my soul eternal

© 2016 Joann Nelander

Blessed Virgin Mary

Lectio Divina: Be Prepared Always (1st Sunday of Advent)