The tears of Jesus were gathered together and are kept in His Heart…

The tears of Jesus were gathered together and are kept in His Heart. Notwithstanding the burning flames of which that Heart is the seat, they are not consumed. Let us draw near to the precious treasure which contains them. Somewhere there we shall find a tear shed for ourselves, but let us bring our own so that they may be sanctified, even those we shed for frivolous reasons. “You shalt say to the person for whom you pray,” said our Lord one day to Saint Mechtilde, “that she should not weep so much, but if she cannot help doing so that she should unite her tears to Mine, regretting that she had not shed them for sinners or through love. I will then offer them to the Father, united to Mine, when she asks me to do so.” Our Lord continued: “Tell her from Me, that she should beg Me in My goodness to change the nature of her tears as if they had been shed from love or devotion, or from contrition for her sins.”
At these words Saint Mechtilde wondered much that tears shed so uselessly could be changed into such holy tears.
And our Lord said to her: “I ask her only to believe in My goodness, and according to her faith My love in her shall become perfect.”
Let us therefore take our tears to the Heart of Jesus. Mingled with His, they will become meritorious. Is it not a consolation for those who weep to be able to do so on the heart of a sincere and sympathizing friend? Where, then, shall we find a friend whose heart is more devoted to us than is the Sacred Heart of Jesus?