Hard As Nails

You are.
You are called.
You are great.

Called to greatness.
Called to suffering.
Called to travel your road.

No soul alone.
No soul without suffering
No soul unloved.

He’s gone before you.
He goes with you.
He is the greatness living in you.

Embrace your pain.
Count it all gain. Call on His Name,

© 2017 Joann Nelander

Singing to the Cosmos

O, God, so splendid,
In grace and favor,
Singing to the Cosmos,
A song so powerful,
Yet demure,
A breath
And breeze of Spirit,
Yet, with soul possessed,
Magnifying in holy glance,
And favored grace,
To seed with her seed and fruition, Brethern of the One God Man.

She, who is constancy,
Of need and receptivity,
Yielded, in obedience,
To the steady abundance,
Of the One Eternal Life,
Fecund in her womb,
As she becomes the womb of all the Holy,
While at rest,
Upon His Breast.

A womb of generations of the Holy,
Therein, contained,
At liberty and
Save by Thy Holy Will.
O, Mary intercede,

God, so splendid,
In grace and favor,
Sing to the Cosmos,
A song so powerful,
Yet demure,
A breath,
And breeze of Spirit pure.

© 2017 Joann Nelander

Who Notices?

Who Notices?

How many moments in the day
Pass into a supposed oblivion?
“Just another day,” they say.

Another runny nose,
Another cranky cry,
Another, and another, and another.

Cloudy horizons,
Dreams caught off guard
By the mundane of reality,

Where is the “anything”,
They said I could be?
No time in the day just for me.

How many selfless moments,
Written in timeless sands,
Seemingly, lost with yesterday?

Hidden moments,
Stripped of vain glory.
Only God notices.

© 2017 Joann Nelander