Calvary Calls

Do you hear that distant trumpet

It once seemed so far away.

Perhaps, I wasn’t listening,

As its sound drew very near.

Now, it’s actually threatening,

Seems, suddenly, so loud!

And when did yesterday,

Stop being yesterday?

Now it’s so burdened by the years.

The time of passing hours,

Was so much friendlier then,

Than mere moments are these days.

Joints, now, need constant coaxing,

Simply to stand me aright.

Bone on bone, I’m told,

And pain is all I feel at night!

What else have I been missing,

As the world crumbled in decay.

I messed up, I know,

So I’m guessing,

It’s Calvary that calls.

Yes, oh yes,

I am repenting.

Where did I leave my cross?

Is He still here?

You know who!

That man who hung upon that dreadful thing.

Once you thought us brothers.

Has he gone while I was sleeping.

Mind, if I hang with you?

They say love’s the thing,

The pearl that has been missing.

Give me but a moment,

While I make amends.

Promise, I won’t be a burden.

Just let me stay and, perhaps,

God willing,

Die here beside You.

c 2020 Joann Nelander