In Your Forever

You are the sun.
Your rays stream
To penetrate the sinner’s heart.

Salvation is a river.
Your Cross is at its head.
You are its eternal heart.

I have polluted the waters.
The waters of my baptism,
Yet I come again.

I come repenting,
Here to the foot
Of Your redeeming Cross.

I remember Salvation.
I was born in Sin
But You are the Word.

You are the Word,
The Word spoken,
Over the abyss.

Your forever Word
Lights the Darkness.
Brings life and abiding hope.

My prayer rises,
From the dust of my fall,
To You, my Heaven.

You stretch Your arms,
Now and eternally,
To embrace me always.

Bring me to Your Heart,
At the crossing
Of heaven and earth.

For, by You,
And in You,
And through You,
I am made new.

I am new man,
A saved man,
Hopefully, a holy man.

Your heart silenced
On your Cross
Sounds anew in me.

You caused Salvation.
You started that Heartbeat.
Beating now eternally.

And Redemption
Meet in me.

And I will live,
In your great Heart.
Forever in Your love.

by Joann Nelander