The Visit

In flight
Into Egypt
Yet at peace.
You pass my way.

Because you are holy
We are worlds apart,
Yet you touch me
By your plight.

You must eat.
You must drink.
Rest a moment
Under my tent.

Holy visitors,
Let me wash your feet.
Your smiles
Enter my heart
As a symphony.

Stay the night.
Bring the star
From heaven
To light my adobe.

Dwell forever
Here in Spirit
Though you must hurry
On your way.
Journey on,
O Protector,
O Mother,
O Child.
With me,
In your hearts.

Now, I wait
For you forever.
I tucked a little rattle
Under His blanket.
He’ll hear me
In the sounds,
A remembrance,
Like a prayer,
In the rattling of beads.

By Joann Nelander