Our God Reigns

Death walks,

Hooded and insolent.

It stalks,

Brandishing fear,

That none, but the tried,

Remain true.

They, by vow and vigil,

Are wed and bound.

Where comes the glue,

To hold fast,

To see it thru.

Who renders fortitude

To stay the course,

Stretch to the measure,

Fight to preserve the Treasure.

Fast and pray,

They are want to say.

Put not aside,

The shawl of prayer.

Let incense fill the air.

Here at the altar of sacrifice,

Lay down your heavy heart.

Now’s the time.

Mustard the children!

Yes, the children, and childlike, too!


Purchased on the Tree,

Be one with me.

Cast off the fear of Death.

Aside saints and angels,

Battles need be fought.

Victory, with Christ’s Blood, bought.

For peace descends,

Lowered from heaven,

To render “unclean” cleansed.

With priestly words,

Transforming gifts

Of bread and wine,

That sate the hungry

As, in Love, we dine.

“More than a conqueror”,

O, Holy Flesh,

Of Bethlehem’s crèche,

And Golgotha’s Cross,

Now, and unto eternity,

In triumph, and in mercy,


C 2020 Joann Nelander