Anchor Me by Sr.LaDonna Pinkelman

Anchor me, O God Of Life
In Your flowing, soothing water
Lead, lead me out of strife
As I cling to You, O my Father.

Anchor me, O God of love
In the cool breeze of noonday
Refresh me O Spirit Dove
Set a fire of courage, I pray.

Anchor me, O God of stillness
Set me free of discouragement
That I may know Your wholeness
So others, in You, will know encouragement.

Anchor me, O God of beaming light
Reflected in water vast and wide
Stilling hearts crying for Your sight
From worldly cares on every side.

Anchor me, O Image Divine
Enfleshed in every human heart
Aware and longing, I pine
Love fulfilling and renewing, please impart.

Anchor me, O Spouse and Lover
Impregnate me with brand new hope and love
I am Yours. I surrender. Amen

Sr. La Donna M. Pinkelman, OSF