Writing in Gold

I’m here,
Once again,
I’m here.
Awake to You.

Before dawn wakes,
I anticipate,
Opening the door of my heart,
Like a flower,
Invited by the light
Of a thousand yesterday’s.

We have a history,
And though my memory fades,
You cherish our moments.
Even the mundane,
You write in letters of Gold,
Recording them,
Transforming them.

I’m here, again,
Awake to You,
You, Who have been watching,
In Gold,
Precious Gold.

With Mother Mary, in the Gold of Ophir,
You write.
You tell,
My story,
My life,
In refined Gold,
You inscribe,
In Your Book of Life.
My heart,
On Your Most Sacred Heart.

© 2017 Joann Nelander


O, Magnificent One,
O, Magnanimous One,
O, Adorable One,
In the splendor of Your Godhead,
You stoop to lift me.
As Father, You gently raise me,
To plant Your kiss.
You span the distance between us.
Your overcome the flesh, the world and Evil, itself,
In the humility of the Cross.
You paid the price of my son-ship.
Knowing Yourself from eternity,
Eternally begetting the Son.
You planned to make humanity holy
By the Spirit of Jesus, Your Only Son.
O, Magnificent One,
O, Magnanimous One,
O, Adorable One,
As You breathe forth Your Spirit,
I gasp and hold fast that Sacred Breath.


How blessed am I?
How happy?
Knowing Your love,
Sets me at Your feet,
Where I place the sins of my life.

How blessed am I?
How happy?
Knowing Your forgiveness
Raises me to Your Most Sacred Breast,
Where the Fire of Your Great Love
Blazes up to consume me.

Here I choose to remain,
Through the hours of this day.
Watch me,
That I may watch.
Pray, comfort me,
That I may thereby
Live to console
Your Holy Heart.

© 2017 Joann Nelander