On the Feast of Christ the King- Remembering an event with Jesus King of All Nations

In Fatima, on October 13, as part of a pilgrimage around the world, a white dove landed on the icon Jesus King of All Nations. In 1994 while on the second world pilgrimage, I spoke with witnesses to that event. They confirmed that the dove perched there about 10 minutes in the midst of hundreds of onlookers. The dove walked back-and-forth on the icon looking as though it was bowing, unperturbed by the flashes of cameras, midst all the thrilled onlookers.

Father Peter Damian Fehlner, O.F.M. Conv., S.T.D., Theologian Spiritual Director wrote that he believed in “the authenticity of [the revelations of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion] as revelations directly dictated by Jesus to his Secretary and in the truth of their content.”

He also wrote, “that the revelations were a remedy for the imminent chastisement under way.”

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Jesus appeared to a young American woman on December 17, 1988 as the King of All Nations. He said, “This image is to be a sign that I rule Heaven and earth, and My Kingdom, My Reign, is near at hand. . . . I give this image to mankind as a source of graces and of peace. My Most Holy Mother is preparing the great triumph. The triumph of her Immaculate Heart ushers in the Reign of My Love and Mercy. . . . I have come to entrust to you a message of great importance for the world. I tell you, My very little one, the days are coming when mankind will cry out to Me for mercy. I tell you, My child, that in these times only one thing will be given as a remedy. I Myself AM that remedy!!! Let souls give devotion to Me, through My Most Holy Mother, as ‘Jesus, King of All Nations’. ”(Journal 7, 14, 159-160).