The Garden of Your Heart

The Garden of Your Heart

My God, I am all bluster and confusion,

Yet, You have opened a quiet place in Your Heart

In which I may dwell.

Your tears invite me.

Your Heart beseeches me.

Your Blood cries out to me.

Oh, that I may enter the sweet garden of Your Heart.

Oh, that I may approach You in Your agony.

Oh that I may offer you my tears.

Oh, that our hearts may beat as one.

In adoration of the Father,

Whose Will is Life Eternal.

May the flame of Your All Holy Love,

Ignite a fire in my soul,

Forever cleansing me of sin.

May this sanctifying fire of Love

Burn high as a beacon,

Lighting the way into Your Heart for others fallen from grace.

You are the Word of peace, quieting fearing hearts.

You are the sword of the Spirit, opening willing hearts.

You are grace, inviting,

Redemption, freeing,

Mercy, liberating.

You rain down peace in the garden of Your Heart.

You dry our eyes as You justify.

You still and quiet our clamoring souls.

Strengthened, You send us forth to a wanting world,

Waiting and wailing, in their misery, for want of You.

You, Jesus, pour Love upon the meek and humble.

You succor the fallen,

Blessing with Your consolation,

All those willing to receive You.

Joann Nelander.