As an Eagle

Lord, Most High,

Most Good,

Most Holy,

As an eagle, soar our nation’s skies.

Look down and take pity

On a people

Losing their way.

See us as we struggle.

See our deceivers.

See our cherished deceptions.

See our broken law.

The weight of haughty deception

Oppresses a people,

Fearing the gift of Life.

It is hard to juggle our many gods.

To our folly,

Mammon has supplanted our love for You.

Resisting Your Love.

We choose Death

As an answer to Life.

We think the blessing, a curse,

And the curse, a blessing, nay, a right,

Negation the same as something, someone.

Give Your People Your eagle’s wings,

To scale the heights

With You.

Carry us on Your strong pinions

To safety in the clefts of the Rock.

Hide us in Your Sacred Wounds.

With an Eagle’s talons,

Swoop upon the Enemy

Who carries off our young.

Lord, Most High,

Most Good,

Most Holy,

Carry us on eagle ‘s wings to the safety of Your bosom,

Your Truth.

©2016 Joann Nelander