Come, O Creator

Depravity now has its day,
The festering city
Erupts to spew abuse,
First on its children,
And then on those
Who come to its aid.

Perversity mocks virtue,
Opening its robes,
To welcome strangers.

No family,

No home,

No love.

Let Sin not reign,
Call out again.
Seek true liberty.

Spurn license,
And licentiousness.

Love yourn enemy
Within and without.
All men have sinned,
All suffer,
Abused and abuser.

Come, O Creator of Man.
Come holy plan.
Fight the battle
With heavenly hosts.
Build on these ruins,
A nation that is pure and just.

Joann Nelander

Humility and Humiliation

Immodest child,

Immoderate man,

You think to slay dragons,

By wit and prowess,

Armed with nature’s sword.

You think it cruel

And mean-spirited,

That the good God

Choose to temper you,

By merciful humiliation.

He thwarts your inventions,

And plans of glory.

“All for God” you dream,

Yet, you are at the center,

With your indiscreet crosses,

Your self-chosen penance.

Immature man,

Undone by impatience,


And swollen pride.

Each day God waits

Supplies the Way,

Plans a day

Filled to the brim

With humility’s simplicity,

Yielded abandonment,


The bow and arrows of God,

To strike the heart

Of a soul,

Marked by God

For Love.

Joann Nelander