The Lights of Advent Keep Vigil

Adventskranz Porzellan

Advent candles lit within our very being,
Prayer like a torch,
Calling on the Spirit,
To light the lamp of vigil
And illuminate our souls.

Thanksgiving, a spotlight,
Setting blessings all aglow,
While praise as a million votives
Ring Your manger in the night.

Though our souls be steeped in sorrow,
For the sin that went before,
Our tears You turn to shining crystal
As the sea before Your throne.

O, Sun of Justice,
In Heaven you replace the shining stars.
Banish all darkness here below,
As  once Your Star lit Earth’s long night

Alight all holiness,
As a rainbow green with Life,
Arches ’bout the celestial throne,
While incandescent angels
Sing with halo-headed saints.

Because You come,
This earthy life’s tomorrows
Are bedecked in Hope
As You knock at ready virgins’ door.

The Promise ever before us,
You stand, an open port.
We, now, Bold Abandonment,
Before the throne of grace.

Sainted souls gleaming like electrum
Flashing love’s arrows as lightning.
Advent becoming Christmas in our souls.