Mary’s Holy Healing Maternity

Mary’s Holy Healing Maternity

Mary, Mother,
Grace-filled vessel,
Poised throughout your life
To receive God’s word.

Always listening,
By obedience wooing,
Caressing to your heart
The holy word of God
From your holy infancy.

You conceived in your heart
Our God eternal,
Before He entered
Your virginal and immaculate Womb.

Grace upon grace
Your beauty unfolded
In blossom so rare
Upon this Earth.

Season upon season,
You moved in silence hidden,
In prayer secure.

O Mary Mother,
With kiss so sweet,
Lavish upon us
Thy Holy Maternity.

We entrust to your sublimity
Our formation within our mothers’ womb,
Make happy these dear chambers,
In which life and love
Were bequeathed and bodies grown.

“Behold your Mother,”
He said from His Cross.
Now, do we behold you,
And take you to our hearts.

Speak here the words
You whispered in Christ’s ear
As He laid his little head
Upon your breast.

Jesus received from you
Milk and kindness
With gentle regard.
Caress now and always our humanity.

Make us ever your home,
As we welcome you to our souls,
Make us your hearth,
With fires burning bright.

Purify our moments
And sanctify our soul.
By virtue, virtue of your wedded Spouse,
Petition the Holy Spirit of Your Son.

Send angels, as you once did stewards,
To wait upon the words of your Son,
Miracles followed
On your behest at Cana.

I wait now and ever in your arms,
Embraced as the Christ Child.
Look upon me, dear Mother
And heal my wounded yet happy heart.