The Visitors

What did they say,
The men that came,
Then went their way?

They left their hearths,
These Wise Men Three,
Seeking the One
All people long to see,
Seeking the Newborn King,
Asking, “Where is He?”

“Where is He?”
The question echoes
Through ages long,
Even midst the busy throng.

As for us,
We prayed,
We sang,
We offered gifts
Beneath a tree.
All this,
Because He came.

He comes still!
He comes for thee and me.

Yes, Emmanuel,
God with us,
And ever,
Seeks a home.

So, where is He
Of blessed event,
Now that the festive limbs are spent?

Has He found a hearth,
To call a home,
A welcoming heart,
Beating for Him alone?

Has He your heart
To be His throne?

Joann Nelander