“I Will be Love”

In the heart of the Church, I will be love” St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face ..Podcast

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The Examen

The Examen

Become aware of the love with which God looks upon me as I begin this examen.

Note the gifts that God’s love has given you this day and  give thanks to God for them.

Ask God for an insight and a strength that will make this examen a work of grace, fruitful beyond your human capacity alone.

With  God, review the day. Look for the stirrings in your heart and the thoughts which God has given you this day.
Look also for those which have not been of God.
Review your choices in response to both, and throughout the day in general.

Ask for the healing touch of the forgiving God who, with love and respect for you, removes your heart’s burdens.

Look to the following day and, with God, plan concretely how to live it in accord with God’s loving desire for your life.

Aware of God’s presence with you, prayerfully conclude the examen

*The above text was adapted from a pdf online entitled “The Examen” found here

The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila – Mp3 audio – Chapter 40

Describes how, by striving always to walk in the love and fear of God, we shall travel safely amid all these temptations.

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