Kill This Bill!

The People are speaking out about their distrust of the health care bill but is Congress listening.

What about the President? The man is a more concerned with himself than he is with the People and their will.  It’s still all about him. It’s still all about his presidency.  His present last ditch effort amounts to ‘Please save me!’

“There are serious implications of losing on President Obama’s ability to be effective for the rest of his three years in office,” Waxman told POLITICO. “That’s a message [undecided members] need to hear. If they don’t think that affects them if they are reelected, they are burying their heads in the sand.”

But many Democrats simply aren’t buying it after months of what they view as Obama’s disengagement from the health care battle.

“We’ve always known he’s a fourth-quarter player, and it’s great to see him on the field,” said an aide to a senior House Democrat. “So why did he sit on the sidelines for the last eight months?”

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), a firm “no” vote, has politely rebuffed feelers from Obama’s staff and rejects the idea that he can’t survive a defeat on health care.

Bob cusack:

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said Thursday that all House Republicans are planning to go to the Rules Committee in an effort to amend the healthcare reform bill.

Democrats’ push for health care “bitter, destructive and endless.”

Althouse: Senator Scott Brown calls the Democrats’ push for health care “bitter, destructive and endless.”.

H/T Althouse:

Well… you know, sometimes they get bitter, and they cling to health care…

Senator Scott Brown:

“An entire year has gone to waste,” Brown said in the weekly GOP radio and Internet address. “Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and many more jobs are in danger. Even now, the president still hasn’t gotten the message.

“Somehow, the greater the public opposition to the health care bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway.”

We need to drop this whole scheme of federally controlled health care, start over, and work together on real reforms at the state level that will contain costs and won’t leave America trillions of dollars deeper in debt,”

Updated: Cogs Won’t Work in Galt’s America

“We the People” aren’t cogs in a machine, even a great machine, that Our Dear Leader can fit to his purposes. We the People began this experiment of nationhood in revolution due to unresponsive tyranny:

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.” Decaration of Independence.

We are America and the America of our Founders is precious to the hearts of the American People, our people. We must seek better options than going Galt or conforming to Obama’s social socialist dream, never forsaking freedom and free enterprise. Our problems were caused not by free enterprise but by poor governance. We can not expect government to fix us. We must fix ourselves with the help of a good God. Our Founders formed ‘One Nation under God’ that depends on a morally healthy people.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

We are a people awaiting our transformation; seeds breaking open, falling into the ground and bringing forth in healthy, holy new life. This is the American dream. It is the dream of the broken, but more importantly, it is the dream of the gifted, the resourceful, the ingenious and the industrious, empowered by God to be a blessing to our Nation and the world. There is an old saying that says, ‘Without God, we can’t do it; but without us, God won’t do!” Together, as one People, let us do it!

Is ‘Going Galt’ is an option? Eric Etheridge writes: ‘Going Galt’: Everyone’s Doing It! With Tristero of Hullabaloo’s help, Etheridge explains ‘Going Galt’ in a nutshell.

Malkin quotes the manifesto of renowned composed Andrew Lloyd Webber, who fearing a talent exodus, writes of the punitive taxes.

Going Galt isn’t a healthy option for America! Together, as One People Under God, we will do it!