Candle and Flame

Come, Holy Spirit.
I am as a candle
Awaiting Your flame.

Come over me,
As a tongue of fire,
Licking higher
As the Wind of Your Spirit
Blows by me and through me.

I am meant to be flame,
Warming a world,
Darkened and cold,
In need,
In Sin.

Here I stand,
Before Your altar,
Simply, one in You,
In Your One Holy, catholic, Church.

It is You Who send Your Spirit forth.
The flame that arises in my being
Touches the world about me
With Your ministrations.

My presence brings Your Presence.
As I bow humbly in stillness,
It is Your Who light the wick of another,
Spreading Your Light
As I but incline, believing.

Such is prayer,
Such is hope,
Such is mercy.

Come, Holy Spirit,
Light the world on fire,
One candle enkindling another,
And another.
Thy kingdom Come.

© 2016 Joann Nelander


Fire Jumps the Ridge

We packed up our trailer and got out of Dodge. The fire jumped the ridge and the mandatory evacuation went into full gear. We had to stop in South Fork to finish rigging her out. Sky is ablaze and everyone’s saying their prayers. God bless.





Nature has a way of being beautiful under the worst conditions:20130620-165711.jpg




Walking in the Fire

“They walked about in the flames singing to God.”

My will is to sing to You,

To walk in Your fire.

Your love is a mighty flame,

Alive with its purifying blaze.

Help me be as You are,

Pleasing in Your obedience.


© 2011 Joann Nelander