O Little One

O Little One,
Too young to see the light of day,
But not to young to die today.

Where is the mother love;
Where the Father defender;
Where the law and lawmakers?
Are they but pretenders,
Turning blind eyes,
Deaf to your cries.

They have a choice
And have chosen,
Not the blessing,
But the curse
They must live with all their days,
Until they can hear your heart,
Crying out from
Your too soon grave,
And weep and honor you with a name,
And recognize your claim,
Upon their darkened souls.

May they soon ask your prayers,
That their names
Be written anew
In the Book of Life.

O Little One
I see you,
Love you,
Honor you.
I wait with you
Through the strife,
Hoping all those living with dead souls,
May awaken
To choose life,
Your precious God-given life.

Copyright 2013  Joann Nelander

All rights reserved

A Million Miracles Ride the Deep

A million miracles ride the deep,
And play beneath the surface
Of Your fury,
In fall of water,
Rounding o’er the rocks,
In rush and billows,
Froth and foam.

Swift river carry me
And write on my memory.
Though seated on the bank,
I sail in heart,
And hurry,
In your wake
Finding joy as a petal,
Skirting the obscured,
Dancing o’er temptation,
In an act of will,
To follow in Your stride,
O Master of the deep.

The glint of sun
In steady flash
To gild rocky edges
As You do my soul.
The wash of swift current,
Pouring joy as palpable
As bird song,
Swimming the swollen crowns,
Like ribbons of life,
Skimming hidden cliffs,
Caring and carrying me along.
Their path and destiny one,
In faith’s repose.

Let not the world
Still or interfere
To make me tarry,
When You bid me come,
Contemplate my end,
And sweet beginning.
One with Providence’s
I fear not Thy wild ride.

A million miracles cry out to me
From the beauty
Of depth and mystery.
I am lost in Your Presence.
There You are
Smiling back at me.
I simply smile and gaze.
I am nothing and no one,
Yet You whisper,
In You and Yours,
I am more.

You sing to my soul,
And tell me beauty tales.
Of gaining all I leave behind
In Love’s pursuit.
Grace creates a place for me.
After the mind of God.
I surpass the wonders I behold.

Hold me in this instant,
To capture Paradise
For the journey onward,
Singularly one with everything,
And bound to all,
And none,
Save You.


©2013 Joann Nelander