The Pope’s Painful Liturgies – Ethika Politika

I like the way the author of this piece looked beneath the surface of appearance for both the reason and the end, when making his observations and examining his own conceptions.

via The Pope’s Painful Liturgies – Ethika Politika.

……”.The pain I experience with seeing the new pope’s liturgies is probably more the result of his intense joy at all other times. I sense acutely that my desire to serve is much thinner than my affection for a beautiful Mass. And I’m aware that the joy I know is possible through a sacramental encounter with the Lord is not often enough reflected in my life with family and with others”…….

via The Pope’s Painful Liturgies – Ethika Politika.

Successful Face Transplant

The Wall Street Journal reports an amazing success – a face transplant. This is not just news.  This is a person who can use our prayers.  So let’s say one for a full, happy outcome.

Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic performed the first near-total face transplant on a 46-year old woman. The 22-hour procedure will enable her to eat solid food, smell and breathe through her nose again, doctors say.