“We Are at War” and “The Angels are Better than Superman” –Dr Peter Kreeft

“We Are at War” and “The Angels are Better than Superman” –Dr Peter Kreeft – Angels & Demons

Bishop Barron on “The Shack”

Fatima. Excellent clip

Behold Me

Behold me, beholding Thee,
Blessing Thee, my Three.

Behold me, anointed and gladdened,
Rejoicing in Thee.

Behold me, on bended knee,
Rising, by Thy Spirit,
Setting Your Love free.

© 2017 Joann Nelander

Counting Stars

I counted stars today.
As prophets and dreamers,
Glimpsing God through the darkness,
My wonder soared.
I, too, beheld
The promise of eternity,
Stretched across the eons.

Mere points of light
In a midnight sky,
Announcing Truth veiled in mystery,
Of things hidden and unseen,
Of ages long past and yet to be.
Who with me
Knows that there is more,
Much more?

Lanterns hung in the heavens
Make of me their lampstand,
That Eternal Light
Might shine more brightly,
Giving voice to creation.

No dumb marvel,
Rather angelic themes,
To sing high praises
In celestial chants,
For all who turn their gaze
Heavenward, counting,
And loosing count,
Journey home.

Copyright 2012 Joann Nelander

Pray as you go – Acts of the Apostles

Short retreat on the Acts of the Apostles