Israel – Survival Against All Odds

Israel is surviving against all odds, however the odds are increasing.  The threats go beyond enemies without to include homegrown dilemmas.

H/T Glenn Reynolds : Israel: Seven Existential Threats

Michael B. Oren, is a professor at the School of Foreign service at Georgetown University and a distingushed fellow at the Shalem Center, writes of Israel’s existential threats, at least seven:

The threats according to Oren are: the lose of Jerusalem, the Arab demographic threat, de-legitimization, terrorism,    the nuclear-armed Iran,     the hemorrhaging of sovereignty,    and corruption.

Oren, however, also notes:

Israel in 2009 has treaties with Jordan and Egypt, excellent relations with Eastern Europe, China, and India, and a historic alliance with the United States. By virtually all criteria, Israel in 2009 is in an inestimably better position than at any other time in its 61 years of independence.

Though the severity of the threats jeopardizing Israel’s existence must never be underestimated, neither should Israel’s resilience and national will. That persistence reflects, at least in part, the success of the Jewish people to surmount similar dangers for well over 3,000 years. Together with Diaspora Jewry and millions of Israel supporters abroad, Israel can not only survive these perils but, as in the past, it can thrive.

Face Transplant Update

Update Successful Face Transplant

From AP, Cleveland, Yahoo News Canada reports

1st U.S. face transplant patient says she forgives man who shot her

In December 2008, Connie Culp had 80 % of her face replaced with facial skin, and bond, muscles and nerves from a woman who had dies. The operation, by a team of doctors, was carried out at Cleveland Clinic where Culp appeared for a news conference this week.

Culp came forward this week for a news conference at the Cleveland Clinic, where doctors in December replaced 80 per cent of her face with bone, muscles, nerves, skin and blood vessels from a woman who had died.

“The woman who had the first face transplant in the United States says it was the smell of soap that made her realize her new face was working.”