On Not Judging the Man-Just the Record

For the record:  judging, discerning, and choosing are part and parcel of life.  From day one, our senses present the world to us and we’re off on the grand adventure.  All is recorded in the Book of Life from cradle to grave.  “Known but to God” can be recorded on every tombstone.  And so, now we come to the death of the “great man”, Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy.  What constitutes this greatness matters.  Of late, we have seen idols and iconic figures come to their respective ends.  To judge, to discern, to choose is human, wisdom depends on it. Society learns and survives by it.

Let a merciful and just God judge the disposition of a soul.  I’m okay with that for myself and others.  What to make though, of hours and days and in some cases eons of public pronouncements and near cult worship.  Senator Ted Kennedy died and now the myth begins, or has it been spun like a cocoon about him throughout life?  For the butterfly to emerge, the cocoon must be broken.

I’m of the opinion that God isn’t wowed by the Kennedy legacy and I’m certain all spin stops before His throne.  A face to face with God isn’t like Facebook, Twitter or even “Meet the Press”.  Men may flatter us, but the truth is that pride goes before a fall.  Before the Almighty, humility is the better garb.

For my part, I see that Edward Moore “Ted” Kenned, had it all; life lived to the full. He got the chance as the youngest of nine children born to a Catholic mother who practiced her faith, not birth control, to experience family, faith, power, love, fun, sin and foolishness.  He got to make mistakes, ask forgiveness, build bonds of kinship and friendship.  He got to roar like a lion and cry like a baby. I see, too, that this gifted and blessed man, failed to find it in his heart or philosophy to support the unborn, the un-named also conceived by the will of  God, failed to grant them protection or welcome into the same life he so abundantly lived.  May these, the Holy Innocents,  now pray for him, their brother, offering the purest Innocent, the Lamb of God, to a loving Father who even Now, stoops to the lowly when they cry out for mercy.  Lord have mercy!

Ignatius Press sticks to the facts and leaves the funeral fuss, fantasy, and lionization to press, popular myth romantics, and political agendas.

A Smile After Dying

A must read:


After a conversation of us with some fathers of the monastery, we convey to you the story of the event.

The two monks that were with him until the very last moment, sprinted to the abbot, Elder Ephraim, to let him and the rest of the fathers know about the repose of Elder Joseph and the former two didn’t pay attention to the reposed, who was left with his mouth half-open.

Thus, they came back to the cell, to prepare the reposed according to the monastic. Elder Ephraim ordered them to leave his face uncovered. The fathers tried to close his mouth, but as it was quite late, his mouth remained open. They even tied a gauze around his head, so that his mouth would remain closed, but after they removed it his mouth opened up again. About 45 minutes had already gone, by since he had passed away.

-Elder, what should we do, it looks bad with the  mouth open?

-Leave him as he is, do not cover his face!

Read the rest and see the photos here.

Heart Warming Heart Starter

Where there is life there is mystery.  Here’s just one glimpse at the wonder of it all:

When Carolyn Isbister put her 20 oz baby on her chest for a cuddle, she thought that it would be the only chance she would ever have to hold her. Doctors had told the parents that baby Rachel only had only minutes to live because her heart was beating once every ten seconds and she was not breathing.

“I didn’t want her to die being cold. So I lifted her out of her blanket and put her against my skin to warm her up. Her feet were so cold.”

Ordination 2009 New York

H/T  nypriest.com and Grassroots Films:

More Nonsense Called Health Care Reform

Charles Krauthammer opines:

In the 48 hours of June 15-16, President Obama lost the health care debate. First, a letter from the Congressional Budget Office to Sen. Edward Kennedy reported that his health committee’s reform bill would add $1 trillion in debt over the next decade. Then the CBO reported that the other Senate bill, being written by the Finance Committee, would add $1.6 trillion. The central contradiction of Obamacare was fatally exposed: From his first address to Congress, Obama insisted on the dire need for restructuring the health care system because out-of-control costs were bankrupting the Treasury and wrecking the U.S. economy — yet the Democrats’ plans would make the problem worse.

Accordingly, Democrats have trotted out various tax proposals to close the gap. Obama’s idea of limits on charitable and mortgage-interest deductions went nowhere. As did the House’s income tax surcharge on millionaires. And Obama dare not tax employer-provided health insurance because of his campaign pledge of no middle-class tax hikes.

Desperation time. What do you do? Sprinkle fairy dust on every health care plan, and present your deus ex machina: prevention.


Prevention is a wondrous good, but in the aggregate it costs society money. Nothing wrong with that. That’s the whole premise of medicine: Treating a heart attack or setting a broken leg also costs society. But we do it because it alleviates human suffering. Preventing a heart attack with statins or breast cancer with mammograms is costly. But we do it because it reduces human suffering.

However, prevention is not, as so widely advertised, healing on the cheap. It is not the magic bullet for health care costs.

You will hear some variation of that claim a hundred times in the coming health care debate. Whenever you do, remember: It’s nonsense — empirically demonstrable and CBO-certified.

Demand Answers! “Facts are Stubborn”

Read all about the healthcare that includes killing the unborn infant in the womb!…here.

From Emily Buchanan, executive director, Susan B. Anthony List:

Demand Answers at Town Hall Meetings!

With Congress in recess, many Representatives are holding Town Hall meetings so that constituents can voice their opinions.

As you’ve probably heard in the news, thousands of American voters are coming together at these Town Hall meetings to demand answers from their Representatives concerning the health care bill.

It is time for Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Activists to get involved and demand answers on why Congress wants to use our tax dollars to provide abortion coverage in every health care plan, public or private.

Already, Representatives are feeling the heat on abortion.

Just yesterday, when asked about abortion coverage in the health care bill,

Rep. John Dingell, the chief sponsor of the bill, responded: There will be no payment of taxpayer funds for abortion.”

Simply put, this is a bold-faced lie.

Just this week, the Associated Press (AP) wrote a story

headlined, “Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion.”

The truth is on our side, and we must make sure we share the truth with every member of Congress face-to-face to Stop the Abortion Mandate!

Here are 5 easy ways that you can make a difference in your community:

1. Find local Town Hall meetings sponsored by your Representatives. Click Here for a list of Town Hall meetings across the country.

2. Bring a homemade sign that says, “Abortion is NOT Health Care” with www.StopTheAbortionMandate.com

below it.

3. Simply ask your Representative: “Why is the current health care bill forcing me to pay for abortion coverage?” Click here for more sample questions and tips!

4. If your Representative denies the charge, hold up the Associated Press story and read the headline. Ask them why they are lying about abortion coverage in the bill. Click Here to print out the Associated Press story.

5. Please bring a video camera and have someone record your question and record the response. Contact us at information@sba-list.org so we can help you send us the video.  At the Town Hall, seek out members of the press and do interviews with them.

Emily Buchanan
Executive Director, Susan B. Anthony List


From Americans United for Life Action’s Charmaine Yoest:

Just yesterday, in a USA Today op-ed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) argued that the people attending town hall meetings and questioning the wisdom of the House health care reform bill have been “un-American.”  “Opponents are afraid not just of differing views,” they write, “but of the facts themselves.”

But as John Adams famously argued in 1770, “Facts are stubborn things.”

The truth is that there is nothing more American than the First Amendment right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  The facts of the plan under consideration demand that pro-life Americans speak up now or risk being forced to pay for a plan that mandates taxpayer funds for abortion, strips health care providers of conscience rights, and threatens the ill and elderly with denial of care.

Here’s a better idea than questioning one another’s patriotism:  show them you’re not afraid of the facts.  Go to your U.S. senator or representative’s town hall meeting and ask informed questions.  AUL’s legal team has written a talking-points flyer for pro-lifers to distribute at these meetings.  It gives detailed information on the parts of the bills under consideration that relate to abortion, end-of-life care, and conscience rights.  The flyer also includes our three essential principles that must be in any health care reform plan that protects life.  Click here to download the flyer.

All the information on the flyer is also available on AUL’s RealHealthCareRespectsLife.com, along with additional in-depth analysis from our legal experts on the health care reform plans currently in the House and Senate.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure to sign the site’s petition to add your voice to the thousands urging the President to keep abortion out of health care. Thank you for joining me in protecting and defending life!

Caught on Tape: Obama Calls Abortion the Center of His Health Care Agenda

If you’ve seen our FightFOCA.com, you know that, as a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised abortion advocates at a Planned Parenthood conference that the “first thing” he’d do as President was to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Thankfully, you and the 700,000 others who signed our “Fight FOCA” petition helped convince him that was a bad idea. But did you know that, at that same conference, Obama said that mandated abortion coverage would be at the “center and heart” of his health care agenda? He did, and we’ve got the tape.