Susan G. Komen Funding of Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen link to Planned Parenthood, nations number one procurer of abortions.

The Daily Caller writes:

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation is a breast cancer awareness powerhouse. As its influence has grown, so too have the number of its critics, who, while appreciative of the group’s good works, cringe at the fact that some of the donations to Komen end up in the coffers of abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

In addition to the debate over the propriety of allocating money to Planned Parenthood, some groups allege that studies prove abortions and certain oral contraceptives can cause breast cancer — while organizations such as Komen deny such links.

Dorinda C. Bordlee, executive director of the Bioethics Defense Fund, speculated to The Daily Caller that one of the main reasons for Komen’s support of Planned Parenthood is the fact that Komen’s founder, Nancy Brinker, was a supporter of the organization, acting as an advisory board member of Planned Parenthood’s North Texas affiliate. Continue reading

Controversial Ad – Plausible? Prophetic?

Citizens Against Government Waste’s President Tom Schatz said of the purpose of this ad: “We can change the future.  We have to!

Click here to watch this video – Plausible outcome of government spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ we DON”T HAVE.

H/T Citizens Against Government Waste for making it and Fox News for airing it.

Cry of the Heart

My Prayer

Lord, do others speak to you in whole sentences.

My prayer is like me in my raw and bewildered state,

mind and feelings at war within me,

straining to understand, to comprehend myself,

and wondering what You desire,

still in a quandary to know what to pray;

indeed, how to prayer.

All I know is that You, O Lord, are.

Though I seem alone, You are with me,

Your Holy Name, my byword.

My prayer is Your Name,

Now echoing in the Father’s ear.

I do not call it back.

It shall resound through eternity,

and on its strains I hold fast.

I wait and I adore.

Let me rest here,

safe in Your embrace.

By Joann Nelander