Top Ten Fr. Corapi Facts


Top Ten Fr. Corapi Facts

H/T A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

Shirley Temple and a Little Night Music

My mom sang this song for me when she was about 78 years old.  She was almost as cute as this cutie.  Enjoy!   A good way to end the day; sweet dreams!

Shirley is 82 and still kickin’:

Johnny Cash and Psalm 39

The great religious song I am a poor wayfaring stranger… interpreted by Johnny Cash.

via Johnny Cash and Psalm 39.

Prayer At Adoration

You, My Lord, light up my darkness.  I join my voice to the bright “Hosannas” of adoring angels. With the elect of Heaven here at my side, I call upon these holy saints and angels to remember before the throne of God all who labor in Your vineyard. Make me Your monstrance that I may carry You in my heart and be Your light to all I meet today.  Amen.

by Joann Nelander