Candlelight Procession – Santa Fe

Santa Fe - Candlelight Procession

Santa Fe – Candlelight Procession
Beautifully captures and conveys the authenticity and vigor of Sante Fean culture and religiosity.

About this video:
“It was purely by chance…. we decided to stop in Santa Fe on our way from Taos to Albuqueque. Getting close to sunset and being in the middle of the city I asked a policeman where we could go for a good view of the setting sun. He pointed to a city park and mentioned the Cross of the Martyrs.

We didn’t know they were setting up at the cross for ceremonies at the end of a candlelight procession from the cathedral in the main square. In addition to the sunset, we ended up with some bonus pix and video clips of the procession.

I used Photo Story 3 to string together some pictures and MM2.6 on a Windows 7 laptop to edit and produce the movie.” Papa John