Heaven’s Feast

I am hungry, Lord.
Yet, it is not my belly
That speaks.
How is it
That You have
Subjected my gut,
And, even my mind
Is Your weaned child,
Yet pangs assail me?
Is it my heart
That desires more?

When You filled me,
I believed I would be
Satisfied forever.
My capacity was full
And overflowing.
As promised,
You made me grow.
My heart expanded
Under Your tutorage.

My life’s blood
Did not suffice,
To meet my heart’s need.
I fed on You,
Body and Blood.
The demand
For Life in me
Kept pace.

Here I am, again,
At Your Table,
At Banquet
With my King.
Thankfully, my Food
Is in steady supply,
And, in that,
I will be nourished,
And hungry no more.

You never deny me.
May I never deny You,
My Host and my Plenty,
Until, at last,
I sup at Heaven’s Feast
For all Eternity.

© 2012 Joann Nelander