The Shawl of Prayer

Death walks;
Brandishing fear,  it stalks.
The faint of heart succumb.
None but the tried remain true
In vigil, wed to You.
Where comes the glue
To see it through,
The fortitude to stretch to the measure,
Stand tall,
When others fall?
Fast and pray
You’re want to say,
Gather yourself,  putting not aside,
The Shawl of prayer
That incense fill the air.
Battles are bought,
With Christ’s Blood fought.
Altar of Sacrifice lowered from heaven
Priestly prayers and words divine
Transform proffered bread and wine.
Humanity purchased on a tree
Celebrated remembering Thee,
Death defeated  and fear it’s victory denied
Grace carries the least able
To Heaven’s Feast at Eucharistic Table.
©2012 Joann Nelander

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