Constant Refrain

I lift my hands
Stretching my arms heavenward,
In search of my God
I spread my apron
Awaiting Your bounty,
Mysteriously in steady supply.

You are hidden in a cloud
Veiled from my eyes
And yet I hear Your constant strains
Plucking my heart strings,
Playing to my delight,
Reviving my hope,
And refilling my cup
That it might be forever full.

I can almost taste You
As I recall our times of intimacy and joy
I see myself clinging to Your pillar
Singing with the crowds gathered about Your throne.

In Heaven’s anti-chamber,
Knowing and yet not seeing,
Spirit supplying for sight,
Unseen and still perceived,
Your assurances are as rain
Upon my planted fields.
How am I at once empty and full,
Sated by Your Presence,
Yet full of desire.

You are mystery to me,
A sweet mystery,
And yes, a constant refrain.

©2013 Joann Nelander