“Choices” Little Murders

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Lioness’ busiest day of the year was February 14th with 447 views. The most popular post that day was Choice’s Little Murders, which I repeat here is summary:


 I believe that if we realized the person in-utero is not hanging in some ethereal place while we decide whether or not we can accomodate our lives to their presence in the here and now, realizing that they are a reality and not a choice, and that their one life is all they have on earth and they want it just as much as we want, defend and protect our own, for they precious to us, then the abortion debate would be over.

Here I Am

Here I am, beneath your heart,
My heart beating in happy harmony,
As my frame perceives
The gentle throbbing within your breast,

I began in secret and in darkness,
A mystery, even to myself.
Day by day, nature shapes my clay,
As you await the blessed dawn of my birth day.

What I know, I know by existence.
I am now all trust,
Simply growing,
Simply becoming who I am.

Comfort, you give comfort.
Love, you are all I know of love.
As you wait for me, my mother,
The eyes of my soul are wide open.
I behold you, smiling upon me.

Expectant, vigilant and gleeful,
Mother of my moments,
You cradle me.
You are my home of sweet delight.

© 2011  Joann Nelander

Saints Prayering Before the Throne of God

There is an oft repeated line in a litany of prayers recited by Richard Garnaut, that says, “Remember my intentions every day before the throne of God.” I love that supplication, for with it a picture comes to mind and I am heartened.

Saint after saint is asked to remember, and not stop there , but obliged, by holy love, to take my entreaties to God, who is seated in majesty, and almighty power upon His Kingly throne, and to refresh them through out all my days. Not a bad return for just one prayer for the kind intercession of a dear friend in heaven. I pray once in faith and each merciful patron, who’s been entrusted with my entreaty, the outpouring of my broken, weary, wounded heart, remembers me in the love of our Savior. Their faith, as it were, is now added to mine, even if my words were imperfect, hasty and half spoken. I may even forget that cry for help, but these friends of God, in their perfection, remain vigilant, with candle lit in the heavenly court, pleading my cause. At very least, that’s the image that comes to my mind. My moment of hope, enkindles a kind of perpetual hope, which shines in God’s Presence. Well, that’s my hope and I’m sticking with it.

Imitation of Christ-

Imitation of Christ

The Fourth Chapter

Prudence in Action

DO NOT yield to every impulse and suggestion but consider things carefully and patiently in the light of God’s will. For very often, sad to say, we are so weak that we believe and speak evil of others rather than good. Perfect men, however, do not readily believe every talebearer, because they know that human frailty is prone to evil and is likely to appear in speech.

Not to act rashly or to cling obstinately to one’s opinion, not to believe everything people say or to spread abroad the gossip one has heard, is great wisdom.

Take counsel with a wise and conscientious man. 8Seek the advice of your betters in preference to following your own inclinations.

A good life makes a man wise according to God and gives him experience in many things, for the more humble he is and the more subject to God, the wiser and the more at peace he will be in all things.