The DisEase


How many
i wonder
will touch the hand
of the man
with poverty
flannel shirt worn
frayed against the cold
oak pews glisten
in somber candle light
as he sits
still remembering
the music
he has only heard
in his birth cry

©2013 Susan Graf
All rights reserved

“He Once Was Dan”

I received this poem from a friend whose heart aches for a friend.  Lighten the burden with a prayer of your own.

“He Once Was Dan”

they rode a blue moon pale
down a dirt covered snow melt
street where windows stood
taunting empty
vacant souls riding
past glimpses
of a strong man yesterday
setting sail
riding yachts into the ocean
deep tides
laid waste on the beach
He stood waiting
in a grey Kansas town
for the small
box of belongings
for another day.
©2013 Susan Graf
All rights reserved

Whispers in the Loggia: Habemus Datam – Conclave Starts Tuesday

Whispers in the Loggia: Habemus Datam – Conclave Starts Tuesday.

FRIDAY, MARCH 08, 2013

Habemus Datam – Conclave Starts Tuesday

25 days since Benedict XVI announced his resignation, eight days into this sede vacante, we finally have an election date: the Conclave will begin on Tuesday, 12 March.

Related just before 6pm in Rome – an hour ahead of schedule – the decision by the College of Cardinals emerged toward the end of this fifth day of General Congregations, little more than 24 hours after the last of the 115 electors who’ll participate arrived at the Vatican.

While the governing meetings – which have been attempting to shape the desired “profile” of the next Pope – will continue at least into tomorrow, the appointed day for the voting will begin with the Mass Pro Eligendo Pontifice (for the Election of the Roman Pontiff) concelebrated by all the cardinals at midmorning in St Peter’s Basilica.