Whispers in the Loggia: “We Are Brothers”: Two Popes, Together

Whispers in the Loggia: “We Are Brothers”: Two Popes, Together.

We Are Brothers”: Two Popes, Together

…and here it is: in a moment without precedent in the 2,000-year annals of the Roman church, two Popes together in life.

Ten days after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election as the 266th pontiff, the three-hour meeting between Pope Francis andPope-emeritus Benedict XVI  at Castel Gandolfo included lunch and a 45-minute private discussion.

According to a briefing from the lead Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Fr Federico Lombardi, when the duo entered the villa’s chapel for a moment of prayer, Benedict emphatically motioned at Francis to take the single armchair and pre-dieu reserved for the Pope.

Instead, the pontiff told his predecessor, “No – we are brothers,” gesturing for them to kneel side by side in the same pew, which they did.

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“Benedict XVI taught with stark clarity for eight years, Papa Franceso,  Il Poverello, is about to translate into prophetic thunder” Thomas J. Neal, Ph.D.