God Creator

God creates,
And then goes forth
Into His creation.

I come to be in Thee,
And in Love,
I make return.

©2013 Joann Nelander

4 thoughts on “God Creator

  1. The idea of God going forth into His creation is really profound. It makes “God is everywhere” come alive.

    • Your comment deepened my thought on that subject. It brought God’s words to St. Gertrude to mind as to how much He enters into His creation and our poor works. ” If you held in your hand some object which you had the means and the skill to render perfectly pleasing to everyone, and if you tenderly loved that object, would you neglect to adorn it? Even thus, because you are accustomed to offer all your works to Me, I hold them in My hand; and as I have both the power and the skill, My love rejoiceth to cleanse and perfect them all, that they may be most perfectly pleasing in My sight.”

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