Prayer to Saint Joseph

Today is the optional memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker. Through Joseph, we honor the dignity of work and strive to see work as a key theme in the Christian life.

“Glorious Saint Joseph,
pattern of all who are devoted to toil,
obtain for me the grace to toil in the
spirit of penance, in order thereby to
atone for my many sins; to toil
conscientiously, putting devotion to
duty before my own inclinations;

to labour with thankfulness and joy,
deeming it an honour to employ and to
develop, by my labour, the gifts that I
have received from Almighty God;

to work with order, peace, moderation,
and patience, without ever shrinking
from weariness and difficulties;…”

What Else is There?

All that matters,
To be like Christ,
What else is there?
Want what the Father wants,
Love, love, love!
Suffer with Jesus,
As He suffers,
Lack of love
In the world,
In people,
In Christians.
The world belongs to God,
Creator of Beauty, Holiness, Truth,
All that is.
Creation confesses Jesus,
Gives witness to God.
Live like him.
Talk like Him.
Let Him impress on you
His image as on Veronica’s veil,
Offered in compassion.
Impressed with the face of Jesus,
Go forward
In newness of life,
A new creation.
False images,
Reject them!
Imitate Jesus Christ.
Have Him before your eyes
All the day long.
Have Him on your tongue
All the day long.
Live with Him
Through the night,
Through the dark,
Into the smiling Light.
All is grace.
What else is there?

© 2014 Joann Nelander




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