Humble Flowers


Here I am hoping,
And willing,
Thy kingdom come.

Come now in me
With Thy loving,
Perfecting and forgiving.

Look on me,
Who am imperfection,
Straining my poor hand
In hoping supplication.

Turn your glance
Upon my soul.
Made in Your image.

Settle in my heart
As though it were
Your own mother’s womb.

Flowers of joy,
Peace and love,
Grow in humble ground.

copyright 2014 Joann Nelander

Joann Nelander

Kindling and Sacrifice

Light a fire in my lowly heart
That I may love Thee
More and more.

Accept my straw as kindling.
Ignite me as a sacrifice.
To be consumed.

Breathe on me in the furnace
Of your desires
For this child of Your creation.

Blaze to transform
By grace and Thy Holy Spirit,
My base metal into the finest gold.

Enflame my yearning heart
That love may burst forth,

copyright 2014 Joann Nelander

Joann Nelander