One Solitary Thought

My night and day have become one,
One solitary thought emblazoned on my heart.
You dance before me in myriad faces.
All are of Your becoming all.

The edges disappear as You, Lord, come into view.
You take the lead upon my stage, my time, my life.
I “Yes” You into being,
Although You have always been ,
But now You be in me.

The thorns of Your crown touch me first,
And I begin to bleed with You.
In agony, my body weeps for all loss,
Which I now gather in my prayer.

With beggar steps, I offer my feet for Your bath,
First of water, then of Blood, Your becoming in me.
“I live now not I, but Christ, lives in me, and Him crucified.”

By Joann Nelander copyright 2011
All rights reserved

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